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My Profile known as customer profile allows STS users who access relay through a toll-free number to submit their user preferences such as:
       - contact information
       - emergency numbers
       - conversation preferences
       - speed dial
       - customer notes

The STS user will have the flexibility of updating their user preferences as needed. User information is confidential and secure.

Before you use My Email Set Up, it is important to call My Support (877-787-1989). The customer support representative will fill out your profile such as your name, address, username, password and other information. When your profile is completed, you are ready to use My Email Set Up!

Below are Sprint STS's exciting My Profile's features and descriptions:

My Name      My Places

Receiving calls is now easier than ever for STS users with My Name and My Places.

Once STS users register My Name, voice callers can simply call and ask for the STS user directly by name without having to provide the telephone number.

STS users can also be reached at multiple numbers. Simply add multiple telephone numbers and hours of availability and the customer service representative will do the rest. When voice users call, customer service representative will simply reference the STS user’s My Places to see the registered phone numbers. Different numbers can be added for certain times of the day and days of the week.

My Style

STS users are allowed to determine how Sprint support them. Whether the STS user would like the STS relay operator to re-voice the entire conversation or simply repeat upon request, Sprint will provide STS that meets the customer’s needs.

My Phonebook

The STS user's profile can store up to 30 speed dial numbers in a STS user's phonebook. To place a call, the STS user simply asks for a caller by name.

Contact My Support for more information at 877-787-1989.

Instructions for My Email Set Up

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